We are always:
•      Listening and woriking Satisfying requirement of customers.
•      Knowing, how to consultant – Knowing, how to organize
•      Be sincere – Be responsible
To achieve today results, we, have to learn and accumulate. We, eat and sleep with each Rockwoolboard and blankets-piping, carry each Ceramic fiber box, glasswool roll,… Day by day, we have more gain and experienced => through projects. Looking back, My company and me has been working for "Field Insulation field" over sixteen years.
On behalf of  Vietnam Construction Insulation Co.,LTD
I am, Nguyen Thanh Tuong (Mr) - CEO
I would like to thank and warm gratitudes to all valuable customers,
Vietnam Insulation Company always welcome to you,
Coming to our company, you will always be assured of: “Good Quality – Good Progress – Good Cost”


•       Supplying insulation products including "Thermal insulation - Acoustic insulation, fireproofing"…
•       Supplying electricial products and automated equipments.
•       Giving professional advices in finding suitable products for insulation and acoustic absorption.
•       Contractor in installing "Acoustic and Insulation - Fireproofing products"

-       Supplying acoustic and insulation materials, fireproofing products
-       Giving professional advices in finding suitable products for insulation and acoustic absorption
-       Contractor in installing acoustic and insulation materials, fire proofing products

-       Real trading – Real performance – Real result
-       Economic – Suitable – Qualitative
-       Loyal – Reliable - Knightly
-       Win – win relationship
-       Better living for staff
-       Sharing knowledge and experience

-       Meet customer demand
-       Quality stability
-       Long term development to bring the benefit to public and society
-       Cut down the cost in production and shorten the time
-       Develop the staffs  in the whole company
-       Become a famous insulation company and deserving with the name of Vietnam Insulation

*       Linking some the bank, Creating sustainable capital
*       Developing human and improving suitable abilities in each positions
*       Saving cost at all your projects
*       Honest services
*       Investing modern machines, expanding warehouse
*       Co-operating with other companies to manufacture “Accessories, main materials for insulation”
*       Looking for new talents, developing working-system that follow ISO,
*       Raising employee’consciousness in working form that they will be spirit "help and share".
*       Focusing on product and service qualitites
*       Bonus for effective employee, laying off employee that has bad perfomances
*       Good working with suppliers and assured of quality to customers.
*       Co-operating and researching to produce more qualitified and more saving products.

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