Rockwool, Mineral Insulation Cotton, Wool Stone - Thailand
Rock wool "Rockwool Thailand" or also known as cotton Minerals is made from limestone rocks three zan and inorganic fibers, through the heat generated centrifugal fibers, along with the combination with resin.
From the fiber through the process of shaping stone cotton wool, cotton Minerals to form Rockwool Insulation ThaiLand
Pipes - Scroll - Sheet ...
Advantages of the cotton Minerals is lightweight, easy installation, low cost, broad applicability for heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance.
There is some proportion used central air system.

 The rating "Judgement":
1. Rockwool - Thailand 'Insulation FIRESAFE "Good ****
2. Rockwool - Korea, Indonesia Good ****
3. Rockwool - China "Cmax Rockwool" Average ** +
Here are the types of Rockwool, Mineral Insulation Cotton Thailand is Vietnam insulation company we offer:

Rockwool ThaiLand - Tubular Tungsten


Rockwool ThaiLand - Tubular Tungsten