Energy is an essential part of life

In the process of integration, role play and development, businesses want to be sustainable and set a goal to thrive in the country and reach the world, a long-term strategy. Developing people, managing systems, investing in equipment, minimizing energy consumption, creating a comfortable working environment for employees, and products that are competitive enough. Which every business also wants to achieve. Energy is a small part of a whole project but has a great influence on plant-wide development, large interactions between people, machines and control systems. Work environment clean, cool, good employee health, low emissions to the environment, the atmosphere is clean.

Modern architecture is the architecture that is suitable with the weather conditions and natural scenery, perfecting the purpose of improving the quality of life. Vietnam is characterized by tropical monsoon climate with high humidity. Therefore, soundproofing, heat insulation and fireproofing materials are becoming one of the green materials typical of the building materials market. Heat and sound insulation products account for only 2% of total investment, but the long-term energy efficiency of using this product is irrelevant. For example, the use of insulation materials for residential buildings could prevent 95% to 97% of summer heat radiation and 70% of winter heat exhaustion, saving 20% ​​- 30% of the cost. Electric power for cooling and air conditioning systems thanks to good thermal insulation and sound insulation. In addition, the fireproof materials are increasingly preferred because of superior utility, high durability. Insulation products of Vietnam Insulation meet the requirements of modern architectural trends, because they are clean materials, adapt to environmental indicators, bring to the buildings - houses Machine a clean environment, ensure human health, help businesses reduce energy costs.

Achievement today - firmly in the future

"To achieve the results today, the company always put the credibility and responsibility in each order or project that the company undertakes. "We now own a warehouse - modern machinery and equipment, a professional workforce, more than 200 skilled workers, oriented strongly in the field of materials supply Insulation - Soundproofing - Combustion and installation of insulation for factories in the field of thermo-electricity - Petroleum, "said Nguyen Thanh Tuong, General Director of Vietnam Construction insulation Co., Ltd. Share.

From products such as mineral wool (Rockwool), glasswool, ceramic fiber ... and accessories in construction, industry, civil ..., Vietnam's heat meets international standards such as ASTM, BS, AS, DIN ... and is certified by reputable organizations such as DNV, FM, BV, Lloyd .... Widely used in many construction projects, factories such as Sugar Mills, Oil Extraction Plant, Briquette Plant, Bosch Plant, Hotel Complex, High-rise Building, Ba Son Shipbuilding Factory (Implementation of ship projects, drilling platforms), Lilama 18, Lilama 18-3 (implementation of cement plants, plywood, oil and gas), Lilama 45-1 Mechanical companies (implementing boiler projects, monosodium glutamate factories, coffee and soft drinks), refrigeration companies (implementing wind ducts for supermarkets, buildings), Construction company (made insulation, fireproof wall, ceiling) ...



Up to now, Vietnam Thermal Insulation Company has confidently stepped in to integrate and compete with domestic enterprises in order to compete with foreign companies in Thermal - Acoustic - Fireproofing Insulation. Mr. Le Thien Tuong - Director of the company, the person in charge of the projects exhilarated added: "Our company is implementing large projects, requiring the skilled manpower, the public behavior. Karma, brothers and sisters must unite, so that the new requirements of the investor. We have just completed the installation of insulation for the plant Vedan - Dong Nai; O Mon Thermal Power Plant project, up to now, has been in operation for 5 months, 80% of the whole plant has been delivered and taken over by the EPC contractor. satisfied. We are very confident in the future, as the ever-growing oil refining and refining projects in the country, we are proud that the Company has contributed a small part to the changing face of the country. Country, involved in energy saving process for factories. You know, this job is about 8-10 years ago, all by foreign companies. "

Set the mission step by step to create the image of the leading company in insulation, insulation, sound insulation and fire protection; Vietnam Thermal Way aims to provide customers with a line of quality and cost-effective products, taking on the projects that are at the peak of suppliers and construction of insulation. By strategically stepping up the development of human investment, machinery, equipment, warehousing, strong brand building on insulation, set the target of developing company associated with development with the community, the company step by step. To expand the market share nationwide, aiming to build a reputation of a reputable supplier trusted by contractors in choosing solutions for insulation, insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention. On the market at home and abroad.


Ceramic Fiber: is the material used in fire protection. Where the equipment radiate heat from 1,000 - 1,600oC, good use in places where direct heat, material is inert so it does not burn, the density usually use 96kg / m3 or 12kg / m3. They are applied to the projects that the company has implemented such as sanitary ware factory, ceramics, steel rolling, plastic, thermoelectric, oven, furnace.

RockWool: Is the material of choice in insulation, heat - sound insulation, material is inorganic fiber, not fire, insulation from 10 - 1000oC, effective sound insulation in the choice of density 60 kg / m3 - 100 kg / m3, saving energy efficiency when insuring, high labor productivity, long-term machine protection, comfortable working environment.

GlassWool: The material is widely used in insulation systems, sound insulation in the central refrigeration system, HVAC, AHU systems of buildings, well used in the roof of the workshop, partition, office. This is inorganic fiber so it is not fire, heat resistant from 5 - 230oC, energy saving when insulation.


OTHER PRODUCTS: Perlite, Calcium Silicate, XPS Foam, Rubber, Foam glass, PU Foam

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