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Dear valuable customers,

On behalf of VIETNAM INSULATION CONSTRUCTION TRADING CO.,LTD.I would like to thank to all

valuable customers, who has used our products andservices for over 12 years.

Viet Nam Insulation company  will  has been being improve and perfect all of above item,our valuable customers

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About company:

Scope of work:

Supplyingacoustic and
thermal insulationmaterials -  fire proofingproducts

Givingprofessional advices in finding suitable products for insulation and acousticabsorption

Supplying automatic and electric device

Supplying a full range of lock in constructio

Contractorin installing
thermal acoustic insulation and  fire proofing

Contractor ininstalling ceiling, partition and other interior decoration…


Meet customer demand

Quality stability

Long term development to bring the benefit to public and society

Cut down the cost in production and shorten the time

Develop the staffs  in the whole company

Become a famous insulation company deserving with the name of VietnamInsulation


Real trading – Real performance – Real result

Economic – Suitable – Qualitative

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Better living for staff

Sharing knowledge and experience
toeveryone and other companies...

General Director

Nguyen Thanh Tuong

Do you know ?


All activities depend on energy. The world’s energy consumption isconstantly growing. But most of our energy, about

87% of it, comes fromnon-renewable sources, which are concentrated in a few politicallyunstable regions.

Additionally the excessive combustion of fossil fuels puts exorbitantamounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. All this

begs the question – do weneed to save energy? 

We provide you with three very important reasons why we should saveenergy. 

Depleting energy supplies

Increasing energy costs

Reducing causes of global warming


      Importance of thermal - acoustic insulation and  fireproofing.


Materials Insulation Save Energy...

We all want to live and work in comfortably cool buildings.However, do we really need to use so much energy to run

our air conditioners?We can use less energy if we insulate our buildings with stone wool to make them moreenergy

efficient. Studies have shown that by using existing, well-proven energyefficiency technologies like insulation, 70 to 90

% of a building’s energyneeded for heating or cooling can be cut. 

Insulation can be used in every part of the buildingenvelope including roof, ceiling, partition, external walls and ventilated

facades. It is also well suited for industry to insulate pipes and boilers; andto reduce potential heat losses in technical

installations of power plants,petro-chemical plants and other types of industrial buildings.


In many Asian countries, the legislation does not determinethe minimum level of thermal insulation to be used in

buildings. However, it isalways better to use insulation in order to improve the energy performance ofthe building and

save energy. With constantly rising energy prices, allbuilding investors and house owners who are far-sighted and

cost-consciousshould ensure their buildings are effectively insulated.

How, Where do we use insulation?

1- Commercialand non-residential buildings.

In commercial and non-residential buildings, it is veryimportant to combine the highest level of fire safety together with

excellentacoustic and thermal performance. High standards of insulation should bepart of the design and construction in

order to protect lives, improve indoorclimate and signifficantly reduce costs of energy needed to cool thebuildings.

Commercial and non-residential buildings whereinsulation is commonly used include health, education, leisure buildings,

exhibition centres, shopping centres and airports.

Rockwool offers a range of high performance insulationproducts that provides the best thermal, fire and acoustic


2- Residentialbuildings

Whether you are renovating an existing home or building abrand new house, choosing the right insulation solution is


Rockwool insulation will keep your indoorcool therefore reducing your energy bills. Insulation willalso provide you with

a comfortable indoor environment by reducingexternal noise pollution and will protect your family in case of an

occuranceof fire.

Rockwool offers a complete range of insulation productssuited to insulate your home. Chose  the part of your house. 

3- Industrial - Factories.

Rockwool products can be used to insulate and protecttechnical installations in the process, heating, ventilation, air

conditioningand fire protection applications. They can be used in power plants, chemicalplants, refineries and

other industrial buildings.  

Rockwool products increase process efficiency byreducing heat losses and offer acoustic insulation for industrial plants

tocreate a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Benefit - Effect of Thermal- Acoustic Insulation and Fireproofing...

* In hot climate countries, the effects of the sun shining onthe building envelope – mainly the roof – causes scolding

heat to penetrate thebuilding and transform it into a sweatbox where people find it uncomfortableand difficult to work

or live. 

The most obvious and seemingly easiest way to overcome this problem is to useair conditioning to maintain the indoor

temperature and comfort level. But thereal solution can be found by improving the building envelope to betterwithstand

the heat and prevent it from penetrating into the building; that isminimizing heat transfer. There is also another positive

effect – of trappingthe cold air inside the building, thus keeping the indoor temperature coolerfor a longer period.

This can beachieved by using mineral wool insulation, which should be installed below theroof, on the ceiling and

facade of the building. 

* Agood acoustic environment is absolutely essential to maintaining a high levelsatisfaction and moral health among


Themain elements that impact indoor noise involve indoor noise source and outdoornoise. For the indoor

environment noise, electronic instruments (such as radiosand televisions) are the main noise sources, and outdoor

noise source involvestraffic, industry and life noise. However, in big cities, the impact of outdoornoise on indoor

comfort is a primary sector, so the indoor acoustic environmentand comfort are also chiefly decided by outdoor

noise. A good acousticenvironment keeps noise at levels that do not interfere with activities withinprogrammed


Acousticsand productivity

Studiesshow that a worker’s productivity increases with an improved acousticenvironment that allows ease of

communication, limited intrusive noise (andresultant distraction), and protection from ear damage where appropriate

Noiseshould be dampened to such an extent that it no longer interferes with theactivity you were set out to do. Just

30 dB(A) is disturbing to sleep. Noisewith sound levels of 35 dB(A) or more interferes with the intelligibility of

speechin smaller rooms. 



Mostof our lives are spend indoors. It is thus crucial that the buildings we liveand work in are made in a way that

reduces noise inside a room, between roomsand prevents noise from the outside penetrating into the building.

Toachieve the desired sound quality, sound insulation and absorption have to becarefully designed to achieve the

desired acoustics environment.

Rockwoolstone wool, by its basic engineering is the perfect material for the purpose ofachieving a desire acoustics

performance. Rockwool stone wool consists offibroporous basalt stone with air-filled interconnected spaces.

Because of

thisstructure the stone wool has obtained excellent acoustic properties, as theysignificantly diminish occurrences of

vertical sound waves on wall surfaces.The result of this is improved room sound insulation and material sound

absorption with a reduced reverberation time, thus lowering the sound level inadjacent rooms.

Noiseand health

Noisein the environment or community seriously affects people, interfering with thedaily activities at school or work

and at home and during leisure time.Excessive noise can increase stress, hinder speech and affects well being.These

noises are perceived as unwanted noise.

Noiseis a pollutant and a hazard to human health and hearing. In fact, it has beendescribed as the most pervasive

environmental pollutant.

* In case of fire, the choice of insulation material can become a vital issuein terms of casualties, property or

environmental damage. Due to the nature ofthe raw materials used, Rockwool insulation products have superb fire

properties. Theyare non-combustible and their fibres have the ability to withstandtemperatures exceeding 1000°C.

As we spend big part of our life in buildings, they have to ensure ourcomfort and safety. It is crucial for industry

practitioners to use non-combustibleproducts while designing and building. The same applies to theselection of

insulation materials to be used in a system or buildingconstruction. While the benefits of having non-combustible

insulation are notalways immediately apparent, an occurrence of fire in a building that usesnon-combustible insulation

will have significant impact.

Fire curve 

Time is vital for fire fighters. It is essential that a building does notcontain many combustible building materials but

consists of fire-resistantmaterials, which can delay the spread of fire and provide many vital extraminutes to save

people and property. 

The fire curve below shows the melting point of few of the constructionmaterials, at which a solid material melts into

liquid state. Roxulstone wool can resist temperatures above 1000°C.